An Empire of Dirt

I am intrigued by this video and why it is that Cash would cover it. Listen to the lyrics and watch the video and tell me what you think. What message is he conveying with this song? Though Nine Inch Nails and Cash sing the same lyrics, it seems that Cash is trying to convey something more with the medium of his video. Juxtaposing the two, you see (I think) different messages. You tell me. You can watch the NIN video version here if you are interested. If not, still watch the Cash version below.

Johnny Cash (Nine Inch Nails cover) ‘Hurt’


2 Responses to “An Empire of Dirt”

  1. 1 Brandon Harris October 18, 2008 at 3:51 pm

    A minor correction: Cash changes the lyrics from, “I wear this crown of sh**, upon my liars chair,” to “I wear this crown of thorns.” The change could simply have been an attempt to avoid naughty language, but is also, I think, an insight into Cash’s purpose.

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